It’s Probably OK To Eat Fruit From City Trees CityLab, 11/15/15
Forgotten trees from long lost orchards and 20th-century city landscaping are being rediscovered in urban areas, and their fruits are proving not only largely free of urban pollutants, but more nutritious than their retail counterparts.

Hunting Down Hidden Dangers and Health Benefits of Urban Fruit Geological Society of America, 11/1/15
For years, Wellesley professor and geoscientist Dan Brabander passed Boston’s wild fruit trees without knowing they were there. Then the League of Urban Canners, one of a growing number of urban agriculture enthusiasts, got in touch....

Summer in the City Boston Magazine, 6/1/14
75 Fun Activities in and around Boston.

Foodies in Action: League of Urban Canners Reduces Food Waste, Drive The District, 1/21/14
Before produce was transported over long distances, people canned fruits and vegetables while they were in season so they could enjoy them at other times of year....

It’s fascinating what people do with jam! Jam Notes 10/15/13
In the spring of 2012, owners of fruit trees throughout Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts, began receiving flyers...

Culture Club Episode 15: Urban Agriculture Culture Club 9/13/13
Join host Rachel Strutt and correspondent Vera Vidal as they visit members of the League of Urban Canners (LUrC)...

The League of Urban Canners daniel e bradley 7/18/13
The League of Urban Canners (LUrC) is a Boston-area cooperative whose stated goal is to “offer an alternative model for urban food production….

“Yogurt Co-op: Culturing Community”, Edible Boston, 2/27/13
The League of Urban Canners, a new organization devoted to converting often-wasted fruits from city lots into a delicious source of hyperlocal fare for long New England winters...

“Somerville canners turn neighbors’ fruits into jams and jellies”, Boston Globe, 10/9/12
The League of Urban Canners [...] has been harvesting and preserving fruit that would otherwise rot in Cambridge and Somerville.

“Waste Not: Community Harvests and Preserves an Urban Bounty”, Somerville Beat!, 8/27/12
Sam Christy hates wasting food. So much so that he’s not only started a yogurt-making coop in Somerville, but is also heavily involved in the League of Urban Canners...